What Makes Architected Designed Homes Superior to Other Kinds of Homes?

Juxtaposing architected luxury home builders and homes designers using off-the-shelf plans will reveal the clear winner. Homes designed by architects will easily surpass homes built with off-the-shelf plans. Experts opine that the vast majority of homes in the country do not suit the lifestyles of their occupants. Some people might explain this by stating that renters live in many properties. But, even in cases where the homeowners live in their own homes, the house will invariably not suit them. In many cases, this is because these houses utilised off-the-shelf design plans.

Why Are Architected Designed Homes Superior to Homes Built with Off-the-Shelf Designs?

Homeowners tend to opt for off-the-shelf designs when they are on a strict budget. But, it is worth mentioning that architect-designed homes are:


  • Tailored to Suit Your Needs: Custom-designed homes will suit your needs and lifestyles. As a result, it will be more liveable than homes featuring off-the-shelf designs.
  • Easier to Expand: You might be facing budgetary constraints currently. However, this might not be the case in the future. Architect-designed homes consider your long-term goals. Hence, they will be easier to expand in the future.
  • Long-Lasting: Off-the-shelf houses are cheaper. But, the construction standards they feature will probably not be very high. In contrast, architect-designed homes will feature higher levels of quality and workmanship. Thus, they will last for longer too.
  • More Likely to Have a Greater Resale Value: Off-the-shelf houses are nothing more than replicas of houses that hundreds of people already have. Thus, with nothing to distinguish them from other similar houses, they will not fetch higher resale prices on the market. On the contrary, architect-designed houses will easily possess greater resale value because of their unique designs and features.


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